Upshot Freshens Up Knudsen & Breakstone’s Websites

Happenings » In-Market | January 8 2016

Upshot redesigned websites for Knudsen and Breakstone's with contemporary and fresh looks that leverage each brand's regional relevancy to appeal to today's dairy consumer. Imagery and messaging help differentiate the brands within the competitive landscape of cultured food products.

Knudsen's site inspires consumers to live the California lifestyle with its signature sour cream and cottage cheese made from fresh, pure California dairy milk. The site includes recipes catered to active and healthy West Coast residents, supported by bright lifestyle imagery.

Breakstone's site lets its brand's long-standing history speak to the quality of the product and adds a flair that understands a faster-pace, East Coast way of living filled with possibilities. Quick-and-easy snack ideas for the career driven and traditional recipes with a twist live on the website to appeal to trendy foodies.

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